Senior .NET Developer

We’re looking for a senior developer (+7 years of experience) to join our software team full-time. We’re not trying to hire a rock-star, we’re trying to build a great team – which means finding people who work well together, who share a passion for technology and software development, and whose skills and experience complement one another.


  • Proven experience delivering interactive web applications. Working part of a team, you’ve developed, released and maintained data-driven web applications. Ideally in C#/.NET Core and you’ve done MVC, repository patterns, IoC, mocking and test-driven development in another modern OO language.
  • You understand what makes software great. From database optimisation to SOLID principles to TDD to user experience and accessibility, you understand how to deliver systems that are great to use, great to maintain and great to extend.
  • You’ve worked on successful, large-scale software systems.
  • You have proven experience working with cloud technologies such as AWS or Azure and are comfortable working in a DevOps environment.
  • You’ve worked with CRM before and you’ve had exposure with integration of payment systems.
  • You’ve worked on agile projects, and you appreciate the value of rapid iterations.
  • You’re familiar with Scrum, you’ve taken part in sprint planning meetings and retrospectives, and you know what you can expect from the scrum master and product owner on a project – and what they can expect from you in return.
  • You know how to keep your projects clean and well-structured.
  • You are passionate about technology, loves to solve problems and delight customers.
  • Someone who wants to join a team of skilled, motivated, agile developers who are busy building the next generation of casting software.
  • Testing should be something you think about at all stages of the Development Lifecycle, and possibly when you’re just thinking.
  • You have some experience working with modern frontend frameworks such as ReactJs.


We’ve recently re-written our legacy platform  using  new tech stack using cloud native technologies AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, .NET Core, EF, Terraform, ReactJs. Sometimes, we’ll be building new features on top of existing code – in which case familiarity with AWS services, ReactJS and .net Core is obviously an advantage. Other times we’re maintaining or fixing older parts of the system that haven’t been replaced yet that have been built using .NET, C#, NServiceBus, RabbitMQ, NHibernate.

How to Apply

To apply for the role send your CV to