Who we are

There’s no place like home!

dorothyWe have been the home of casting since 1927, when pioneering stage manager, Keith Moss, set out to find a better, faster, more efficient way for talented actors to find roles,
and for directors to find the talent to bring stories to life. At the time, the casting business was a little more haphazard. Actors would send dozens of photographs to every director, producer and theatre production in the hope of landing a role. Moss’s solution was elegant and simple – he brought together all the headshots, casting and contact details for actors, making one central directory, and with that, Spotlight was born!  We still have the same
mission today as we did then – to connect performers to the best work the stage and screen has to offer.

It’s a Wonderful Life

wonderfulWe love film, theatre and television! Our Leicester Place HQ has hosted a wealth of extraordinary performers and historic casting sessions. Nothing beats the feeling of
seeing one of our members landing their first West End role, a graduate member
getting their first audition, or a longstanding member collecting an Academy Award
or BAFTA. We live for those moments.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

docwithpowercordsThe Spotlight Directory has had pride of place on the bookshelves of every casting director in the UK for decades. Now, Spotlight is also on their desktops and in their pockets. Everybody here has a mission to keep Spotlight evolving – just like we did back in 1927. We may not always get things perfect first time round (we’re only human!), but we’re dedicated to working as a team and learning from our experiences.

To infinity… and beyond!

Buzz-LightyearWe’re excited about our future. We look for every opportunity to grow the home of casting, to partner with the best and keep delivering excellence to all who interact with us. We’re not here to make a quick buck, we’re in this for the long game – and all Spotlighters can share in our success. Today, we’re the home of casting in the UK. Tomorrow, who knows?
The world is our oyster.

Diamonds are Forever James-Bond (1)

People come to Spotlight to do their best work – whether that’s casting the next blockbuster or recording their very first showreel. We support excellence in everything, from drama training to industry standards, and of course, in all the services we offer.

May the Force be with you

han-solo-with-blasterWe’re a people business, motivated by bringing people together.
We know the industry inside out and use this knowledge to support our members.
We go the extra mile not because we have to, but because we love what we do.
If we can’t help, we’ll know someone who can.

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